NuGram Server

NuGram Server is a robust and scalable runtime server specifically designed to deploy static and dynamic grammars to voice-enabled applications, based on the Java Servlet technology.

NuGram Server offers its many services to speech-enabled applications through a simple HTTP-based protocol. Its architecture makes it readily usable by all speech-enabled applications.

With NuGram Server, you don't write JSP pages anymore to serve dynamic grammars. You simply use an extension of W3C's SRGS ABNF format.


There are several important benefits to deploying dynamic grammars on NuGram Server instead of JSP pages (or any other templating technology):

  • You use a readable and maintainable language to author your dynamic grammars, with support from a complete development environment.
  • All grammars (static or dynamic) can be translated on-the-fly to the target format of your choice (GrXML, GSL).
  • You have a fine-grained control over the caching strategy to optimize the use of your grammars by the speech recognition engine.
  • You can interpret textual sentences using your static or dynamic grammars.

For more information on NuGram Server, consult the NuGram Server API documentation. Sample projects using NuGram Server are always available on Github.

Developer Edition

The Developer Edition is a feature complete product that enables developers to build and test their applications. It cannot be used for production purposes and it is limited to a maximum of 100 requests per hour.

The Developer Edition is available free of charge.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is the version that can be used in production.

The Enterprise Edition is priced at 50$ US per IVR port.