Thank you for your support over the years. It has been a pleasure having you as a user. Nu Echo announces the end-of-life of the NuGram Platform and As of March 31st, 2018, both the NuGram Platform and will be shutdown and the functionality of any active license will be terminated.

NuGram IDE

NuGram IDE is an Eclipse plug-in that offers a complete development environment for speech recognition grammars. Designed to fully support the rigorous grammar development processes required in order to efficiently produce solid grammars, it:

  • Enables the developer to author static or dynamic grammars using one single concise and legible format, regardless of the target speech recognition engines.
  • Offers a full-featured editor, with syntax coloring, content-assist (code completion, quick fixes, code templates, etc.), sophisticated refactoring tools, and more.
  • Provides powerful grammar analysis, visualization, and debugging tools.
  • Provides tools to test grammar coverage and semantic interpretation correctness.

Supported Grammar Languages

The NuGram platform natively support the W3C's SRGS ABNF format with extensions to support the development of dynamic grammars. The ABNF format was chosen since it is a W3C standard and is without a doubt much more readable and maintainable than the XML format.

Grammars can be translated to and from other formats as well. The currently supported languages are: GrXML (W3C SRGS XML), and Nuance GSL.

The NuGram platform also supports the most widely used semantic tag languages: W3C SISR (including the SISR 2004 Working Draft syntax), Nuance's GSL semantic tags, and Nuance's OSR. tags.

For more information on NuGram IDE, consult the NuGram IDE documentation.