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NuGram IDE Basic Edition — Free Download

Step #1 — Install NuGram IDE

NuGram IDE is packaged as a set of Eclipse plugins deployed on an Eclipse update site. To install NuGram IDE in an existing Eclipse installation, simply add the following update site:

Click here for instructions.

Step #2 — Get a free license

Step #3 — Install the free license

Install the downloaded license in the licensing directory as specified in the Grammar Development > Licensing preference page.

NuGram Server Developer Edition — Free Download

Step #1 — Download NuGram Server

NuGram Server Developer Edition is packaged as a ready-to-use Java web application.

1. Download NuGram Server

Step #2 — Get a free license

Step #2 — Install the software

To install NuGram Server Developer Edition, consult the installation instructions or read our blog post Getting Started with NuGram Server Dev Edition.